Camila González-Beiras


Camila Beiras is a post-doctoral research scientist of the STI and Skin NTD Unit of the Fight AIDS and Infectious Diseases Foundation/ Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital. Having a clinical-epidemiological background, she currently leads the fieldwork implementation of the Yaws3 program in Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea and of the LAMP4Yaws program in West Africa.

Camila has relevant research experience on yaws, including a landmark trial on the treatment of latent stage disease and metagenomics studies for the identification of skin bacterial agents. She has a vast experience in the coordination of clinical studies and is a researcher with sound expertise in yaws and other Skin NTDs management.

Camila has a BA in Biology from the University of Santiago de Compostela, a MSc in Global Health from the Barcelona Institute of Global Health and a PhD in Global Public Health from the Lisbon Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.