Cristina Galván Casas


Cristina Galván Casas is a Medical research fellow working as a senior dermatologist at the University Hospital of Móstoles (Madrid). She graduated as Medical Doctor at the University Complutense (Madrid, Spain) with a specialty in Dermatology from the Fundación Jiménez Díaz, Universidad Autónoma (Madrid). She is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Barcelona (thesis director Dr Oriol Mitjà) and associate professor of dermatology at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid) and the Master of Tropical Medicine at the Universidad Autónoma (Madrid).

Cristina has experience in the design, implementation, and monitoring of dermatological health programs, as well as ``mass screening and treatment`` projects in developing countries. She has worked in Sahrawi refugee camps and led a dermatology project in rural Malawi. Her areas of expertise and research include tropical dermatology and infectious and emerging diseases with cutaneous manifestations. In the COVID-19 field, she led to the first classification of COVID-19-associated skin manifestations.

Cristina is currently collaborating in developing and coordinating research projects in the STI and skin NTDs unit related to COVID-19, MonkeyPox, Scabies, and Tropical ulcer.


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