Oriol Mitjà Receives the Prince of Girona Foundation Award
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Oriol Mitjà Receives the Prince of Girona Foundation Award

In his acceptance speech, the young ISGlobal researcher highlighted the role of young people and innovation as two forces driving progress

Dr Oriol Mitjà, an ISGlobal specialist in infectious diseases, was presented the Prince of Girona Foundation (FpdGi) Award for scientific research by His Royal Highness Prince Felipe. The FpdGi awards, which include four individual prizes for young people and one for an organisation, recognise the talent of young entrepreneurs and innovators who have demonstrated a desire to build a more just world in a globalised setting.

In front of a large audience, the ISGlobal researcher made a speech of thanks on behalf of the five recipients, in which he highlighted the importance for the future of Spain of supporting youth and fostering young talent. "Young people today face an uncertain future, but we are resisting the role of being the ‘lost generation'. Instead, we are investing our determination and imagination in becoming the driving force of progress."

New treatment for the neglected tropical disease yaws

The jury that selected Dr Mitjà from the 88 candidates for the prize, made special reference to his "extraordinary dedication to the treatment of endemic infectious diseases in developing countries" and "the enormous international impact of his findings in terms of the permanent eradication of yaws from the world".

Dr Mitjà led a study in Papua New Guinea, published in January 2012 in The Lancet, which demonstrated the efficacy of a new treatment for the neglected tropical disease yaws. The results of that study have opened the door to the absolute eradication of the disease.


The Lancet study

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