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Published educational module on yaws disease, by Dr. Mitjà
Dr. Oriol Mitjà has developed and edited an educational module with detailed information on yaws disease. Read More ›

Drug-resistant yaws tracked through genomic surveillance
Genome sequencing has shed light on the re-emergence of the bacterium that causes yaws. Read More ›

Yaws Makes the Front Page of Science
Science dedicates its central pages to an article describing the work of Oriol Mitjà aimed at eradicating the disease. Read More ›

Oriol Mitjà is Nominated ‘Catalan of the Year 2016’
The ISGlobal researcher receives the prize awarded by the readers of “El Periódico de Catalunya” to Catalan individuals whose professional or social contributions are outstanding Read More ›

New Results Point out the Need to Modify the Current Strategy for Yaws Eradication
A study published in The Lancet shows that the current WHO strategy is not sufficient to eradicate yaws and confirms the appearance of antibiotic-resistant strains Read More ›

Various Awards Recognise the Fight Against Yaws
The work of researcher Oriol Mitjà has been recognised by the Premio Internacional Alfons Comín and the United Nations Association of Spain Peace Prize Read More ›

A Single Dose of Azithromycin is Also Effective against Latent Yaws
The study addresses one of the main remaining obstacles for disease eradication Read More ›

Members of European Parliament Undertake to Support Fight Against Yaws
Documentary on Oriol Mitjà and the Fight Against Yaws Screened at the European Parliament Read More ›

Certain Ulcer-Causing Bacteria Have a Natural Reservoir
A study detects DNA of 'Haemophilus ducreyi' bacteria on skin of asymptomatic individuals, on flies and on domestic surfaces Read More ›

A Brazilian Pharmaceutical Company Takes a Key Step towards Ending Yaws for Good
The company will donate azithromycin and financial resources to support WHO’s initiative to eradicate yaws Read More ›

An Integrated Approach to Neglected Skin Tropical Diseases Can Become a Game Changer in the Global Effort towards their Control
Through its new research line on skin NTDs, ISGlobal supports the WHO in the design and promotion of the new strategy Read More ›

Documentary on Oriol Mitjà and the Fight Against Yaws Screened at United Nations
The need to act decisively against yaws stressed by ISGlobal researcher during panel discussion after the screening Read More ›

Oriol Mitjà 'We are Very Happy with the Public's Reaction after Watching the Documentary on Yaws Disease'
'Where the Roads' End was premiered on TV3 with a large audience and countless expressions of support Read More ›

The Documentary Preview “Where the Roads End” Turns the Spotlight on Yaws Disease
The documentary tells the story of young researcher Oriol Mitjà in the island of Lihir, where he discovered a treatment that could lead to the eradication of the disease Read More ›

Haemophilus ducreyi is an Emerging Cause of Tropical Ulcers
A systematic revision sheds new light on the global epidemiology of the bacterium Read More ›

India Shows the Way Towards the Eradication of Yaws Worldwide
An independent team of experts visits India to verify the elimination of yaws from that country Read More ›

New Data on the Distribution and Prevalence of Yaws
A better knowledge of yaws global epidemiology is key to its eradication Read More ›

One Step Closer to Eradicating Yaws
Prestigious New England Journal of Medicine to publish the results of a study led by ISGlobal researchers demonstrating the effectiveness of the WHO's yaws eradication strategy Read More ›

New Results Confirm That Eradication of Yaws May Be Possible
Data from pilot studies in four countries on the treatment of yaws with oral azithromycin presented at the World Health Organisation Read More ›

Oriol Mitjà Receives the Prince of Girona Foundation Award
In his acceptance speech, the young ISGlobal researcher highlighted the role of young people and innovation as two forces driving progress Read More ›

ISGlobal Scientists Finalise the Details of the Worldwide Yaws Eradication Campaign
The WHO convenes a meeting in Geneva to coordinate a campaign to eradicate, for the second time ever, a disease from the planet Read More ›

ISGlobal Scientists Make Key Breakthrough that Could Lead to the Eradication of Yaws
The Lancet magazine publishes a study in which researchers based in Papua New Guinea demonstrate de efficacy of a new oral treatment for yaws Read More ›